We offer turnkey digital signage solutions

HARDWARE SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                      

Our hardware solutions consist of an array of different options the client can choose from.

A touchscreen solution presents the customer or user with a first-hand interactive experience. 

Video Wall:
A video wall instills the WOW factor for an establishment video walls require multiple media players to be synchronized together. This synchronization allows multiple high resolution images and videos to play as a single image over multiple displays as a whole.

Transparent Displays:
This is a new technology that we are currently working with. Transparent displays work as normal digital displays, only allowing light to pass through both sides of the display area and they are see through.

Stand Alone Digital Signage:
A standalone solution includes a display and player housed by a kiosk. This can come in either portrait of landscape orientation. A standalone can come as a standard or touchscreen display and with a media player.

Standard Digital Signage:
Standard digital signage is the traditional hanging of displays throughout an establishment. Landscape or portrait display orientations are installed and play relevant content, designed to communicate business offerings and promotions. Standard digital signage should be updated seasonally, monthly or weekly.

HARDWARE PARTNERS                                                                                                                       


Brightsign is the market leader in digital signage media players and we have assessed them as the best all-around solution for media players to offer to our clients. From touchscreen capabilities to video wall synchronizations, Brightsign does it all.

            XD Line: XD230, XD1030, XD1230 product line           HD Line: HD120, HD220, HD1020 product line


Hyundai LG Samsung Sharp Planar NEC DynaScan


The installation process begins with a proper assessment of the business and install location. Due diligence is done onsite to properly asses plan and provide a correct layout for the client. A team of professional installers as well as a general contractor and electrician are assigned to properly install each digital signage system. We also handle different areas of construction and custom fabrication work to help create a perfect digital signage install solution for our clients.

Production and Content Creation                                                                                   

Our production services focuses on video production and shooting while our content creation services are geared towards delivering motion graphics, motion identities and more.

• Full post production video services includes location scouting, prop preparation, lighting, camera rigs, filming, etc.
• Optional filming with RED Camera Systems which capture 4K, 5K or 6K resolution video content.
• Design, asset creation, animation, motion graphics and editorial.

We utilitze Adobe After Effects and Premier CC for motion graphic content creation and post editorial.

Systems Management                                                                                                                   

Content Management, Programming, Scheduling, Synchronizations, Maintenance, Systems Configuration, Testing & Troubleshooting and Network Design are all part of our turnkey solutions we provide for our clients.

Content Management:
Managing content to play on the displays and having them available as compatible file formats, organization of those files and storing them on a local server will be provided.

Controlling the displays functions and controlling the media players with content are two separate functions. Programming of content will be done through UDP commands. UDP commands enable and allow each customized presentations to play on any designated Video Wall. RS232 commands will also be programed. Serial sting commands and command blasts will be sent to all displays through RS232 commands. Controlling the displays will be done through RS 232 commands (e.g. Turning all or a portion of displays on and off or switching inputs).

Scheduling of specific content to play at specific times each day will be done for the client. Maintenance – Maintenance of hardware and infrastructure will be included as a service for the client.

System Configuration:
System configuration will be included as a service for the client. System configuration involves playing content on video walls in sequence and creating sequences.

Testing & Troubleshooting:
Periodical tests will be performed to maintain efficiency of network, displays and media players. Trouble shooting will be done whenever failures occur during testing. All end results after troubleshooting will result in efficient network connectivity and system functionality.

New Technology:
Providing a sophisticated system that allows for new technology to be integrated into existing system (if client chooses) without incurring excessive costs.

Synchronized Presentations: (For Video Walls)
All presentations need to be synchronized with one master and the others additional units acting as slave units. A sync command will be sent from the master that the slaves are programmed to follow.

Splitting Up Content: (For Video Walls)
Each display will be playing a section of a whole video. The whole video will be split into several different videos that will be programmed to play on several different displays and make up a whole video as one big picture through synchronization commands. Video files will be split and rendered out as 1920X1080p.

Network Design:
Network design involves the actual hardwiring and routing of different cables, splitters, connectors and other areas that will enable the screens to work together and perform different functions (e.g. watching sports in expanded mode then switching to custom content).

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