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Let’s Communicate. Inquire about what we can do for your business, brand and you. We can schedule a time to visit our offices and discuss some different digital signage solutions to meet your needs.

Please use the form below for sales inqueries, installation, content creation, support and other general inqueries. Thank you.

Address: 84 West Santa Clara St. Suite 830, San Jose, CA 95113
Office hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: 408-298-8114

Our office staff can help by answering any questions regarding our turn-key digital signage services, scheduling a demonstration for potential clients, reffering potential clients to a sales representative or simply assist with any other general inqueries.

Sales: Our sales team can assist businesses that are interested in digital signage services. A sales representative will be able to assist you by setting up a time and date to meet at our offices or visit your place of business and present you with all the information you will need.

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Support: Our support center offers technical support and system maintenance for hardware and software applications. Contact our support staff to report any technical problems you may be experiencing. Technical issues may include playback issues, errors in programming, system setup, network connectivity, internet accessibility as well as hardware repairs and replacements for any media players or displays.

System Maintenance: Any hardware issues should be reported immediately and will be addressed promptly. Replacement units will be made available to replace any faulty hardware.

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